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Park Board

The Berne Park Board is a four member volunteer citizen board appointed by the Mayor. Among the four member board, one member will also serve on the Tree Board, one member shall be an officer of the South Adams Youth League and one member shall be a member of the Berne Council. The board meets no less than once a quarter or as needed. All meetings are open to the public.




The Park Board shall serve the Common Council in an advisory capacity. In its advisory capacity the Park Board may exercise the following powers and duties.

1. To exercise general supervision of and recommend rules governing the use of Park and Recreational facilities by the public to the Common Council.

2. To make recommendations and file an annual report to the Common Council concerning the operation of Park and Recreation Programs.

3. To interview prospective custodians for Lehman Park and to recommend to the Common Council an appropriate contract for the custodian’s services.

4. To exercise any other powers and duties as authorized or directed by the Common
(ord.) 405, passed 4-26-93

Current Park Board Members

Kelly Amstutz - President
‍Doug Beall - Vice President
‍Missy Smitley - Secretary
Nathan Sprunger

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