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Water Department




The City of Berne Water Department services over 4,000 citizens in the City of Berne and has the responsibility of insuring the safety of our water supply. With the newly erected water tower at the end of Berne Street, we now have 500,000 gallons of above ground storage capacity.

Not only is having adequate above ground water storage important for our drinking water supply, it is essential in providing water to our Volunteer Fire Department for the protection of our citizens and neighbors.

Berne Waterworks

305 S Jefferson St.
Berne, IN 46711

(260) 589-2811




  • What should I do if I think my water bill shows a large increase?
    Call the utilities office at 589-8526. There are times when your meter might have been misread. We can re-read your meter for you, please call as soon as possible. There are occasions when the billing cycle extends a few days beyond the normal time frame due to poor weather or the calendar. Look at your bill to determine the number of days between meter readings .Do you have a water leak? Even a small leak can make a big difference in your water bill. Don’t forget, when you have a water leak, it also reflects on your sewage bill. Check your faucets and toilet for even the slightest leak and call your local plumber if you suspect a problem.

  • Where does my drinking water come from?
    The City of Berne maintains 2 wells for Berne’s water supply. There is also an agreement with the City of Decatur for an additional source for water should an unforeseen event take place.

  • How do I know my water supply is safe?
    The Water Department has certified operators who test and submit monthly and quarterly samples of our drinking water to IDEM and the EPA as mandated.

  • Who should I call if I suspect there is a water leak in the city infrastructure?
    ‍Call Berne City Hall if you see water that you think might be from a leak in our water lines, 589-8526. If the city offices are closed call the Berne Police Department, 589-2169 or the Adams County Sheriff’s Department (260) 724-7141 and ask that they send a Berne Police Officer to check on the situation. The officer will then contact the appropriate City Department if warranted.

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