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Redevelopment Commission

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The Berne Redevelopment Commission is committed to serve as a catalyst to improve the quality of life

for the City of Berne by providing the tools needed

to attract businesses through sustainable

economic development.  

The Commission's responsibilities to the City of Berne are to promote significant opportunities for the gainful employment of the citizens of Berne; attract new business enterprises; benefit the public health, safety, morals, and welfare of the citizens; increase the economic well-being of the City of Berne and serve to protect and increase property values in the City of Berne. The TIF District is designated as a area to capture revenue from property taxes paid that is used for economic development and other projects that will enable the City of Berne to improve the quality of life

for its residents.

Current Redevelopment Commission Members

Randy Beer - President

Marc Graber - Vice President

Jamie McDonald - Secretary

Matt Lehman

Gwen Maller

Mitch Sprunger

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